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Sanyati Baptist hospital is the largest in Sanyati with a service coverage radius of up to 80 km. This hospital was founded by the Baptist missionaries in 1952; God answered Reverend Clyde Dotson and Reverend Betty Bowlin’s prayers for the establishment of a hospital in Sanyati. The hospital was established to save lives of many people suffering from many diseases (both physically and spiritually); it currently serves a population of 30 000. The first hospital building was a small thatched hut which was built by Rev. Dotson himself. He and his wife had built this small clinic to treat the sick that came day and night with their sick problems like malaria, snakebites, etc. This first cement slab for the hut can still be seen in front of what was Dr. Boone’s yard at Sanyati.

Sanyati Baptist hospital operates 8 clinics in Mashonaland west and Midlands province.


  • Ganyungu with nurse Gwindi
  • Chinyenyetu Clinic with nurse Ivey Sithole
  • Goredema and Denda clinics with nurse Naison Mtisi
  • Nembudzia with nurse Albert Chironga
  • Manyoni with nurse Willie Charambamwe
  • Semuchembu and Nenyunga
  • Geja

  • Over the years, there have been many missionary and local doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who have served at Sanyati hospital. The early medical personnel that joined Sanyati Baptist hospital in 1952 included Monda Marla, a registered nurse, arrived in December of that year. Betty Bowlin had been helping with the clinic together with Margaret,a nurse from Mhondoro. The first nurse aide was Jaine Christmas from Zhombe. Father Christmas was a painter. Doctors Giles and Wana Ann Fort and Dorothy Kratz, a laboratory assistant came in 1953.

    Today, the hospital has a capacity of 100 patients beds even though only a fifth of the beds are usable.

    The Baptists in America gave US$45,000 for Sanyati Baptist Hospital to be built. A 40 bedded hospital; children, men, and women. It was dedicated on Christmas Day in 1953 for the following 4 purposes;

  • to be witnesses of Jesus Christ
  • to minister to the physically ill
  • to serve in the name of Jesus Christ
  • to make know whom Baptist are and what they believe.

  • The Beginning of the Nutrition Centre

    Dr. Greenway worked with children suffering from malnutrition. She even had 5 babies living with her and some of the young girls who assisted were: amai Chida, Christina Machapaza, Stella Manyange, Winnie Chishaya and Ester Masiye. This work spread throughout Sanyati and Gokwe.


    The chapel was built in 1956 from money donated when a pastor’s wife died on cancer in America, she asked for people not to buy flowers but donate the money for a chapel to be built at Sanyati Baptist Hospital. The day always started with services in the chapel daily. In 1963 Mr. John Runganga was the chaplain briefly and in 1965 Reverend P. Satiya Semwayo became the next chaplain.

    The New Medical Block

    1969 a new medical block was completed under Mr. Montgomery who came from Kenya and worked with Mr. Simon Hlatshwayo who was married to Esther Zanamwe (nurse at the hospital). A pharmacist, Ed Moses and his family and two more doctors: Dr. Maurice Randall, a General Surgeon, and Dr. John Monroe, a dentist, joined the hospital early 1970’s with their families.

    Switching on of Generators was carried out by two brothers: Mr. T. Gora and Mr. Mbombo K. Gora (light engine operators). They switched on the lights at 5pm and switched them off at 10:00pm. These brothers started working for the mission station in maintenance in 1957. Mr. Job Mapani and Mr. Ben Gora were maintaining the mission fences and boreholes. They sadly died in 1984.

    Transportation Department: The 1 st ambulance driver was Mr. Simon Dawira Muhlanga who was later joined by Mr. Machona Ndhlove in 1958. Mr. Phanuel Marata joined 1967-1973. Mr. Gutsa Runganga joined in 1963 and served until retirement in 1987. Mr. Paul Mudzimba joined in 1978 – 1984.

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    Our Mission

    MISSION STATEMENT : To promote the health spiritual needs and quality of life to life to the people of the surrounding area by the primary health care approach.

    VISION : To be the leading centre in providing the paramount health services that conforms to the regional, national, and international standards.

    CORE VALUES : o Hard work o Integrity o Excellence o Consistency o Dependability o Efficiency

    Antenatal Care

    all services for anyone who is pregnant i.e. booking to delivery

    Maternal and childcare

    Maternal and childcare from delivery of baby to 5 years care services


    Immunizations against child killer diseases such as TB, Measles Polio, Diphtheria etc

    Ophthalmology services

    All eye care services for children n adults.

    STIs Screening

    All sexually transmitted infections in both men, women, and teenagers.

    Opportunistic Infections Clinic

    Screening for HIV n testing for pregnant, non- pregnant patients, volunteers, partners, couples for counseling n testing as well.

    Screening of communicable diseases

    Screening of communicable diseases such TB, anthrax, tetanus etc.


    Voluntary male medical circumcisions (VMMC) as means to prevent spread of HIV in adults and teenagers.

    Dental Care

    care of teeth issues.

    Physiotherapy Services

    For patients who needs exercises e.g. those with fractures,those who have cerebral vascular disease (CVA-Stroke).

    Birth Records

    Issuing of all documents needed upon delivery of a newborn baby or death certificate records for those who would have passed on in the hospital.

    Pharmaceutical Services

    For all drug needs.

    Medical Services

    As outpatients services or admitted for a medical condition e.g. Hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes etc

    Surgical services

    For operations for pregnancy related complications, removal of a simple growth, fractures n plaster applications, removal of uterus

    Laboratory services

    -for testing malaria, TB, pregnancy tests, blood and blood group compatibilities tests, blood bank, bilharzia tests, parasite testing such as worms

    Mortuary services

    care of departed patients- but electricity dependent.

    Mental cares services

    for our loved ones with mental instabilities.

    Spiritual services

    for both staff and patients - we have a resident chaplain.

    Outreach programs

    for above services in schools, farming communities such as Sechuru villages.

    Ambulance services

    for the hospital and nearby clinics.


    who makes sure the hospital environment meets expected sanitation requirements as set out by Ministry of health and Child Welfare.

    Family Planning Services

    Family Planning Services.

    Waiting mother's shelter

    Matumba, modern style where only we keep the pregnant women without the caregiver.

    Community Services

    identifying disease trends within communities, seeking mitigation measures within localities.